Year Created: 1987

Birthday: May 18

Grandma Ume Yamada is very kindhearted and skilled. She loves playing otedama (beanbags) and ohajiki (tiddlywinks) with children, but she also has her tea-drinking friends who spend time with her as well. She has a shop that stocks just about anything and everything that you could ever want.



Now that we’re at the tail end of November, it can’t be denied that Christmas is definitely in the air. SanrioTown’s Dream Studio is a testament of this, what with many holiday-themed videos cropping up, and this week’s featured creation is a sample of this!

So Many Santas“, by suzi_wu, is exactly what its title says: it’s a show that’s devoted to our beloved St. Nick! Shown in just some of his many incarnations, with the accompanying seasonal music, the video definitely gives off a vibe that shouts “Christmas”.

Be sure to check out the video at

Meet our featured blogger this week! “Gemma’s Star Blog“, by cosmic_cat_1, features a lot of fun stuff: the music icons of today, special holidays, anime, and other pop culture stuff have made their way into her blog, making for a very interesting read.

Be sure to check it out by going to

It’s nearing Christmas! Why not go for unique decorations this year… Starting with the Little Twin Stars Christmas plushies? Kiki and Lala are all set for the cold weather, but it doesn’t stop their cheeks from turning rosy red!

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