There are a bunch of stuff out there that bears Hello Kitty’s face all over the world, ranging from cute to quirky, and it seems that this week’s featured blog is to look for all these things and feature them on her blog.

mama1’s blog” is really a collection of images, some expected, others unlikely, with Hello Kitty emblazoned on them. From the conventional items like clothes and stationery to atypical ones, like food and musical instruments, even zodiac signs, you can see them all here!

You can check out mama1’s blog on

Sanrio and the Upper Deck Company signed a deal to produce Hello Kitty trading cards! Other items produced by the collaboration include collectible miniatures and stickers.The first release is touted for release on March 2010.

Here’s the first batch we received from the people who want to greet Hello Kitty!  

Great job, everyone!

From duoduol:

Dear Hello Kitty:
Happy Birthday to you, all happiness to you.
A beautiful photo from Japan  I wanna sent to you.                                                                                   



From azog:

From prologue:

From bright_shining_light:

From hellokittysuperstar:

Keep ‘em coming! Please visit Hello Kitty World for more greetings in the coming days.

Year Created: 1989

Toffeeroo is a romantic girl who lives on Soda Moon in the Peppermint Constellation. She loves to sing and dance with the stars as she merrily plays on her lyre. She is always accompanied by her faithful friend Lulu the Dog, .

Join us in the virtual party of the year, as Hello Kitty celebrates her 35th anniversary in Hello Kitty Online (HKO)!

Because the anniversary is a momentous event, we’ll be having in-game events and parties from now until November 1, her actual birthday. Players can earn limited-edition Hello Kitty birthday items by participating in the special events and playing the new minigames. A super-special surprise also awaits the players who have earned at least four of these items come November 1 itself. Parties will also be held in Paris and Florapolis during that day to celebrate the event!

  What are you waiting for? Join the festivities in HKO now! Be sure to greet Hello Kitty happy birthday when you see her!

Original post: Hello Kitty to Celebrate 35th Anniversary in Hello Kitty Online

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