The Kitty Points are now officially converted into the Sanrio Loyalty Points! This means the points you earn are now consumable: you can use these to get the latest and hottest items when you play Hello Kitty Online (HKO).

Points can be earned through activities done on SanrioTown, such as posting in the forums, playing the flash games, and sending e-mails. To find out the details on how you can accumulate points, click here.

To check your Loyalty Points, please go to your SanrioTown account. The amount should appear on the upper left box on the page after you log in.

What are you waiting for? Drop by SanrioTown and start earning Sanrio Loyalty Points now!

Sanrio’s known worldwide for the various cute characters they come up with, but there are also a variety of adorable stuff out there, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s easier to search for these! This week’s featured blog’s seeming goal is to feature all of them, so let’s see what these are!

ccomotti blog“, by ccomotti, is a collection of cute stuff, most of which can be seen online, but some images are also taken from things encountered by the author in real life. If that’s not enough, her entries are always filled with the most adorable icons that you will see, adding a dash of happiness in her posts.

Check out cccomotti’s blog by going to

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