Year Created: 2002

Birthday: September 7 (Advanced happy birthday!)

Meet Tabisuke, the jasmine tea lover who loves to travel. On his journeys, he always thinks about the people important to him. He is always seen with the trademark handkerchief around his neck (incidentally, he happens to be a handkerchief collector). Aside from jasmine tea, he also likes 4 o’clock strolls, Japanese sweets, taking naps, writing letters, and just about anything that can be done slowly. His motto in life is, “Every day is a different journey.

Hello Kitty + Travel = Fun!That’s definitely the idea of this week’s featured video, “Let’s Travel with Kitty“, by luckythechiwawa. What we love the most about this video is that, for each place featured on the pictures, there’s a corresponding Hello Kitty image to go along with that, which makes it really cool.

You can check out the video by going to

SanrioTown Asia, SanrioTown Europe, and SanrioTown SEA will be undergoing some technical maintenance on August31 at 11am HKT for an hour. That means you won’t be able to use any of the SanrioTown services next Monday for about an hour, but don’t panic! We’ll make sure everything will be up and running again as soon as possible!

Thanks for understanding, everyone! ♥ Have a great day!

Envoy from the Dark Abyss“, by swt_hankoteki-chan, is a really fun and cutesy blog in the truest sense of the word: from the cute anime and cartoon icons used to start off each entry, to videogames, to food, to accessories, it’s got a little something to offer for everyone.
You can check the blog out by visiting


Hi everyone! Here are the most updated lists featuring the Top 10 players of the Minigames Contest, which covers both the Super Engineer and Bubble Catcher games at the SanrioTown Game Center. Bubble Catcher
1. : 169890
2. : 168730
3. : 163230
4. : 158280
5. : 157350
6. : 153390
7. : 153000
8. ºõÈuÐã : 149090
9. : 147340
10. : 143180

Super Engineer
1. : 1856290
2. : 832350
3. 458680
4. : 410270
5. : 298900
6. : 237390
7. : 150000
8. : 130620
9. : 100990
10. : 97240

The contest is until 07 September, so if you want to join, you still have time! Simply log in to your SanrioTown account and head off to the Game Center and start playing the Super Engineer and Bubble Catcher games as well as you can to get the chance to win Sanrio prizes.

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