Hello Kitty is now in the Nintendo Wii market! Check out the Hello Kitty balance board and Kitty mat, perfect for those Wii Fit moments with the family, friends, or even by yourself.

The board and mat come in a backpack, convenient for bringing Hello Kitty and fitness with you wherever you go.

And the entries just keep on coming for the “Hello Kitty Personality Workshop” contest! Check out these creative artworks made by your fellow members here on SanrioTown:Kitty in Wonderland” by kuromi_1031.

 ”Magic Kitty” by kmlim.

 ”Kitty - Love Life, Love Environment” by kwyan.

Cool Kitty” by winkhui.

Keep the entries coming! 

Year Created: 1979

They might have different personalities, but these seven little guys are the best of friends. Living in a small cottage deep in the woods, they like flowers, fresh air,  good food, and playing with animals.

SanrioTown has now joined the Facebook craze! In fact, two of SanrioTown’s very own games are now playable on Facebook: Rolling CoroCoroKuririn and Sanrio Bubbles!

So for the Sanrio fans out there who have a Facebook account, you can connect to SanrioTown, or simply visit the page, by clicking here.

Quick! What do Hello Kitty, her twin sister Mimmy, Dear Daniel, and Charmmy Kitty have in common? If you say ”white cat”, points for you! If you find yourself asking why we’re talking about white felines all of a sudden, our answer is that it’s tied really closely with this week’s featured video, which is made by pink_ice.

Called “The White Cats of Periwinkle“, the video’s actually a collection of images featuring white felines, who the video maker says resembles the cats she actually has had. Because of her narrations about the cats in the slideshow, the viewer will get the vibe of seeing a story unfolding right before their eyes, especially since fitting music plays in the background as the pictures are shown.

Did we mention a lot of the cats in the video have an interesting feature?

To find out what that is, do check out the video at http://video.sanriotown.com/video/985b77d8bced4994.

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