Year Created: 1990

Birthday: March 21

Spottie Dottie is a fashion expert based in one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York City! She has a real passion for fashion, and she gives fashion tips to her friends, because her father, the former chief fire dog of the fire department, taught her that helping others is the most rewarding thing in life. While she usually sports a bow on her head, she can also be seen wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses on her brow, depending on the outfit she’s wearing.

5 Responses to “All About: Spottie Dottie”

  1. You should see my blog too

  2. It would make a good blog of the week. :oops:

  3. Awww Spottie Dottie! I miss her!

  4. Talk about a flashback! I remember my mom buying me a Spotty Dotty shirt when she first came out–I was only 4!

  5. could you please bring her back? i would be greatley happy if you did some merchandise for her! i have a spottie dottie plush and i got her when i was 2. and i still carry her around in my purse every where! i would be happy if you did a line of clothes at target.. right now its keroppi. i keep hoping for to come back. if she ever did i would start crying of how joyful i am.

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