Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, Hello Kitty and Friends finally caught the culprit! The “Mysterious Egg Thief” who stole Hello Kitty’s Easter Eggs is none other than…

  Aww…Minna No Tabo didn’t mean any harm! He just wanted to have a little twist with this year’s Easter Egg Hunt! After being revealed as the Mysterious Egg Thief, he explained to everyone that it was actually his and Dear Daniel’s idea to make their Easter Egg Hunt a little bit different! Instead of hunting for eggs, why not hunt for the entire basket of eggs by searching for the one who stole it? Everyone then realized that they have been playing Easter Egg Hunt all along! After the hunt is over, everyone ate their share of the cute and colorfully-designed eggs.  Here’s an egg for you Egg Hunter! Congratulations! You solved who the Mysterious Egg Thief is!Here are the answers to all the clues and puzzles:


Riddle Answer: Fire (
Subpuzzle Answer: The pig in the middle
Keyletter: T


Riddle Answer: Beauty thread in the Forums (
Subpuzzle Answer: (Given)
Keyletter: A


Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: Shinkansen
Keyletter: N


Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: Seven
Keyletter: N
Explanation: The question was “How many candles remain?” not “How many lit candles remain?”


Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: KITTY
Keyletter: I


Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: One
Keyletter: N


Riddle Answer: Stamp (
Subpuzzle Answer: JUSTONEWORD
Keyletter: O


Riddle Answer: Dream shirt thread (
Subpuzzle Answer: A
Keyletter: A

Day 9

Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: Hong Kong
Keyletter: B

DAY 10
Riddle Answer: Telephone (
Subpuzzle Answer: My Melody
Keyletter: M
Explanation: My Melody’s excuse doesn’t affect the alibi of Badtz and Cinamoroll.  So if only one is lying, it can only be My Melody.  The truth is, My Melody and Badtz ate it! :)

DAY 11
Riddle Answer:
Subpuzzle Answer: Pochacco
Keyletter: O
Explanation: Pochacco stole it because he knew that the sword was “old and reddish” even if it was still covered in “expensive silk fabrics.”
Did you get them all correctly? Winners of the contest will be announced in the SanrioTown main blog on April 17 so stay tuned!


  1. Yeah I got them all right! I feel so happy that at least I was able to solve all the puzzles. For some reason I knew Dear Daniel had something to do with it even if he wasn’t the main thief. :D Congrats to winners and to everyone who tried and solved the puzzle. This was fun!

  2. […] I’m back! I still haven’t told you the results of the Easter egg hunt I went to, right? Well, guess what: the eggs got stolen!:O We were really upset and sad about it - […]

  3. Hehe, I enjoyed this so much. That math problem was tricky! XD
    Plus, I’ve learned to play Sudoku!

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