For those who want to know the cute characters of Cinnamon and his friends, now’s your chance, because this week’s featured vide features their gang!

cinnamoroll world“, by babycinnamon1, features all the adorable characters on the Cinnamoroll line of Sanrio. Their pictures are superimposed in amazing backgrounds, so it’s almost like you get two great videos in one.

If you want to check out the video, please go to

A great thing about Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is that players from all over the world get the chance to meet and make friends with each other. Sometimes, though, the hustle and bustle of accomplishing quests in-game might keep people from learning about the person behind the avatars, so it’s always great when they come up with blogs to give their friends a chance to get to know them better. Such is the case for this week’s featured blog.

JamJam!!!“, by red_hiko, is a blog that talks not only about the in-game experiences of the HKO player JamJam, but also who she is outside of the game. She blogs about her hobbies, interests, and such, so it’s nice to have a clearer idea on who the person is.

To check out the blog, please visit

Hello Kitty Online is now officially launched in Indonesia!

A press conference was held last week, 22 April 2009, in XXI Sarinah to officially launch arguably one of the biggest MMORPGs to date in Indonesia. There, Sanrio Digital and GOGAME, a game publishing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, signed a symbolic cooperative agreement, making their partnership official, as well as making GOGAME the official publisher of HKO in Indonesia

. Among the changes made by GOGAME to HKO are the following: the Housing system, wherein players can build their own house that they can access through the Farm Manager in London; an advanced farming system that already has an irrigation feature so that players won’t have to worry about asking help from their friends to water the crops; and the consumable loyalty points that they can get via using the services of SanrioTown. Mr. Teguh Sanjaya, GOGAME’s Marketing Director, has stated that  players should expect that in-game events would be focused on cooperating and working with other players, such as building houses together.Patrick Setiawan, Chief Executive Officer of GOGAME, described HKO as “an online game product that is closely linked to a community portal, which also use a well known brand like Sanrio are the first of its kind in the world,” stating that Indonesia is the first country in the world that was able to launch a publisher-operated version of HKO.


The press conference was also the chance for the invited press people to have fun, as they were able to have a friendly competition with each other through the Sanrio mini-games, with the winners being awarded prizes for their efforts.

Congratulations and welcome to the SanrioTown family, GOGAME!

Here comes the Rescue team to save the day! Various rescue vehicles are ready and willing to come to your aid! When there’s trouble, the Rescue team’s there to make things right.

Earth Day was yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion, this week’s featured video is one that tells of ways how we can save the Earth.

The Recycle Show!!!“, by puppie_luv, features the ways on how you can do your part to save the Earth. Prominent on the video are the three Rs: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” If you want to find out how you can conserve energy and help out in making the world a better place, please go to

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