It’s a family of dashing ducks! Three boy ducklings, their dashing duck, and the star of the show, darling ponytailed Miss Queenie, comprise this fun family.



In which Sanriotown blog can you read OFFICIAL news of the 3D animation – “The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends”?

Go to that blog to find Subpuzzle no. 3!

For those who still want to join, we’re still accepting contest participants! All you have to do is to use your Sanriotown account and send a blank e-mail to, and write on the subject line: Easter Egg Hunt Contestant.  We will then send back a confirmation e-mail, stating that we got your e-mail and you are now officially a participant of the Easter Egg Hunt contest.  The contest will officially start on March 24 and will end on April 14.  Participants may join at anytime during the contest duration.

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