We’ve got another Hello Kitty Online player as our featured blogger today! This time, we’re featuring the blog of a girl who’s got awesome skills in art, and she’s using her talent to bring a whole new level to Sanrio land!

Komori’s Forest“, like most blogs of HKO players, are filled with the game player’s tales of her adventures in-game. The difference is, the blogger, Ai Len (and not Komori or Rosie, according to her :p), adds a personal touch to her HKO entries: she draws a lot of the stuff herself! The spider and the python are two of the characters that haven’t escaped her talent, but the HKO creature/pet that is arguably the star in her posts is the famous pink dino, drawn in many moods and situations. The blogger even drew her own avatar too, and all of its purple-haired glory is also prominent in her entries. Her blog is really quite amusing to read because of these illustrations and little add-ons, because they add spice and fun to her posts.

You can check out Ai Len’s stories and illustrations by going to http://blog.sanriotown.com/rosiethorns:hellokitty.com.

EASTER EGG HUNT DAY 1Hello Everyone! Welcome to the first day of the Easter Egg Hunt! Please remember the game mechanics as we play the contest:

Game Mechanics:

1. From March 24 to April 7 (EST 9 p.m., Mon-Fri), a clue will be posted in SanrioTown Official Blog every day.

2. Each clue will give you a hint as to where a subpuzzle is.  Each subpuzzle contains a  key letter in solving the main puzzle.

3. Since it’s Easter Egg hunt, you need to find the subpuzzles scattered all over SanrioTown.com.

4. There are 11 subpuzzles and 1 main puzzle.

5. You can only solve the main puzzle after collecting all the 11 key letters from the 11 sub puzzles.

6. Reply to the confirmation e-mail with your answer to the main puzzle (Who took Hello Kitty’s Easter Eggs?) from 7 April to 14 April. Remember, you do not need to e-mail SanrioTown with your answers each time you solve a SUB PUZZLE. This means you should only reply to the confirmation email with your answer to the main puzzle ONCE. 
7. Results will be released at the end of the contest. Happy Easter!

8. For those who still want to join, we’re still accepting contest participants! All you have to do is to use your SanrioTown account to send a blank email to marketing@hellokitty.com, and write on the subject line: Easter Egg Hunt Contestant.  We will then send back a confirmation email within one working day, stating that we got your email and you are now officially a participant of the Easter Egg Hunt contest.  The contest will officially start on March 24 and will end on April 14.  Participants may join at anytime during the contest duration.

9.  For more information about the contest, please go here.  You may also email marketing@hellokitty.com for any enquiries.

The “Mysterious Egg Thief” left this clue for you to find where the first sub puzzle is!

Answer this riddle:

“Give it food and it will live; give it water and it will die. What am I?”

(Hint: It is one of the five elements.)

The first sub puzzle is here: http://blog.sanriotown.com/_ _ _ _-2009:hellokitty.com

The first sub puzzle is in the link provided. Just fill up the blanks with your answer and see if you got it correctly. If your browser redirects you to Sanriotown’s main blog (blog.sanriotown.com), it means you have the wrong answer. Keep trying until you find the first sub puzzle!

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