As a direct result of your efforts in the Helping Hearts charity event, Sanrio Digital donated 183 shirts, 84 bags to the Po Leung Kuk residential child care unit.

Helping Hearts

The Po Leung Kuk institution was established in Hong Kong on November 8, 1878 to rescue women and children who were victims of human trafficking and abduction. The organization provided shelter and education for these victims. Since then, the Kuk gradually evolved into a diversified organization in line with the ever-changing social and economic needs of the present.

We are honored to have contributed to such a noble cause and we are especially grateful for the efforts of all Hello Kitty Online members in this endeavor! Check back on the HKO Event Blog in the next week and we will post a little something from the children to you!

All of Sanrio Land is excited to play a “hide and seek the egg” game on Easter Egg Day! Hello Kitty, in charge of hiding the eggs, is about to ask Kero Kero Keroppi to help her hide them when she found out that the eggs are missing!

Kitty: Oh my! Who would steal the eggs?

The whole Sanrio Land was in shock and wondered who would steal their fun away. After thinking for some time, everyone looked at the mischievous, snobby little penguin.

Badtz-Maru: Hey! Don’t look at me, I was gonna participate ya know!

Out of nowhere, Pochacco came running to Hello Kitty and gave her something. It looked like it’s a piece of paper…

Pochacco: Hello Kitty! It looks like a message left by the culprit! Here, have a look! Kitty unfolds the note…“If you want your Easter Eggs back, you need to solve the puzzles I made to guess who the culprit is!”signed: The Mysterious Egg Thief

Kitty: *shocked* What do we do?

Kero Kero Keroppi: Let’s all work together and find the eggs! Let’s work on the first clue the thief left. Are you with me, everyone?

All: Let’s do this!

The Easter Egg Hunt Contest


Help Hello Kitty and Friends find the missing eggs!

Would you like to help Hello Kitty and friends find the missing eggs? All you have to do is join the hunt to find the culprit! All you have to do is to use your Sanriotown account to send a blank e-mail to, and write on the subject line: Easter Egg Hunt Contestant.  We will then send back a confirmation e-mail within one working day, stating that we got your email and you are now officially a participant of the Easter Egg Hunt contest.  The contest will officially start on March 24 and will end on April 14.  Participants may join at anytime during the contest duration but we will start accepting participants as early as now! Here are just some of the prizes you could win:What are you waiting for? Send an e-mail now to and let us know that you want to be part of the Easter event! You can also send a message to this address if you have any questions or clarifications regarding the Easter Egg Hunt contest.

Happy hunting!

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