Out Valentine’s celebration has finally begun, and you know what that means! The birds are singing, the air is fresh and lovers snuggle like nobody’s business — Wait, no they’re not. Where are the birds? Why does the air feel normal? Where’s the love? Something’s not right in Sanrio Land!

Cupid needs your help!

Cupid, our ever-so-cute herald of Valentine’s Day, has gone missing! Looks like it’s up to the saviors of Christmas to keep the heart of Valentine’s Day beating. We are giving away real Sanrio items to the first five Adventurers who can solve this mystery, and ultimately bring back the spirit of Valentine’s!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. London is where it all begins. Choco seems agitated, pay him a visit and maybe he can show you where to start your search!
  2. Finish the quests as they come. Every midnight (Eastern Standard Time), new quests will appear that will add to your quest chain, and will lead you closer to saving Valentine’s Day.
  3. After each quest chain, you will receive a Key. Do not drop these keys!
  4. Right after you finish the final quest “Spreading the Love” take a screenshot with:
    • Your inventory showing 5 keys you’ve collected (Press I)
    • Your character info page open (Press C)
  5. With the screenshot attached, send an email to hkoevent@hellokitty.com using your Sanriotown account. Be sure to use the email subject “Happy Hearts“!

If you are one of the first five (5) to send in your valid emails, we will send you a reply with instructions on how you can receive your prize. Stay tuned to find out just what prizes are at stake!

Being one of the most important occasions, it is imperative that everyone in Sanrio Land is enervated with love once again. So good luck everyone! With your help, this can truly become a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The world’s cutest MMORPG is back! As of February 12, 2009 at 22:00 EST, the Hello Kitty Online “Happy Hearts” Valentine’s event is now officially underway! Founders of HKO can now log into the game and embark on a race to save Cupid.

HKO Happy Hearts has officially launched!

“Happy Hearts” features new content and some really cool gameplay enhancements:

Special Valentine’s Day-themed quests
Valentine’s Day under threat! Cupid is missing and so are the romance and friendship of the season. It is up to players of HKO to save Valentine’s Day and prevent the collapse of the greeting card industry. Exclusive items will be awarded to the first players to complete the quest chain. Click this link to read more.

Improved user interface
User interface enhancements include a higher supported resolution, movable windows, re-sizable chat box, and an improvement to the local area map.

Revamped farming system
The new HKO farming system introduces 8 new and unique farm types while allowing players to participate in cooperative farming. Day cycles and related effects on your plants have been implemented. Plant growth times have been adjusted.

Keyword chat filter
The new chat filter blocks offensive language from private and public chat to ensure a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Starting February 14, SanrioTown members from select territories can also log in and participate in the Happy Hearts event.  Happy Hearts will end on February 17, 2009 at exactly 22:00 (10pm) EST.  Hello Kitty Online will then be taken offline for further work.

Enjoy the game everyone!


Birthday: March 12 Puka-Puka is a mischievous little jellyfish who loves to show off her round, twinkling eyes and lock of curly hair. The pace of her life is very slow, just the way she likes it. She sometimes runs into one of her electrified cousins, causing shocking results.

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