Sanrio Digital proudly announces Hong Kong’s release of “The Adventure of Hello Kitty & Friends” VCDs! Hello Kitty fans in Hong Kong can now purchase volume 1 and 2 of the series from various retailers.

Each volume contains 3 episodes of the animated series and is dubbed by the TVB crew. Now you can watch and re-watch your favorite episodes whenever you like! Enjoy!



For more “Hello Kitty & Friends” 3-D animation, please visit their official blog by clicking here.

Hello Kitty has been known throughout the years as Sanrio’s most popular character. Here’s your chance to meet another kitten from Sanrio’s list of adorable characters, because Mashumaro (or Masyumaro) Nyanko is the star of this week’s featured video!

Little Masyumaro” is a cute video featuring Sanrio’s Mashumaro/Masyumaro Nyanko. The video shows the cute little boy cat’s pictures, mixed with details about his life in Paris. The images are really cute, showing Mashumaro in pastel colors.

To check out this video, please visit

Just because “Happy Hearts” is over doesn’t mean that the happiness about Hello Kitty Online is, because those who have participated in HKO’s Valentine’s event have blogged left and right about their experiences in-game, and our featured blogger is one of the known players of HKO!

Fairytaled“, is owned and maintained by starsong (known as Serenity in Sanriotown and HKO), one of the well-known players of Hello Kitty Online. The blog’s quite fun to read, not only because of her entries, but also because of the conversation that goes in the Comments section of her blog (notable for her banter with GM-Zel :P). Also worth seeing are her edited images of her experiences in HKO, stitching world maps to create cohesive pictures of her friends in the game.

Aside from her HKO tales, she also has personal stories to tell: from a dog sneaked in to her apartment to online shopping, starsong/Serenity manages to put a quirky twist in her narration of the events that happened in her life.

You can check out her blog at

MMORPG players all over the world have spoken! Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is considered to be one of the most anticipated games of 2008, based on the poll set up by Kitty Online is #4 on MMOsite’s Reader’s Choice Awards for the Most Anticipated Game on 2008, garnering 2,351 votes. This means that HKO is an MMORPG that players all over the world are getting hyped up to get the chance to play the game!

Thank you for supporting Hello Kitty Online and Sanriotown! We look forward to seeing you when HKO opens its doors once again! 

In line with our beta testing, we would like to share with you some new minigames that we are preparing for Hello Kitty Online. Based on comments from previous betas, we’ve come up with new minigames that are more addictive, challenging, and most of all, fun! To start off, here is our very own Tuxedosam, who needs your help catching some fish! Click here or on the image below to play the game.

Tuxedosam’s Big Pond Fishing

So how was it? Whether you liked just the way it is or have ideas on how to improve it, we’d like to hear what you think! Please let us know by dropping a comment or emailing us at You may also discuss it on the HKO forums, share your comments and high scores with the world!

We look forward to your feedback, and hope you enjoyed the game!

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