Year Created: 2003

 Meet these three adorable fruit fairies! They’re called “Pop’nberry”, which means “fruits with energy,” and that’s what they are! They’re ready to try any new challenges that come their way. Even if they’re not perfect, they’ll try their best to put a smile on your face. They’re about elementary school age in human years.

Berrina, the cute pink fairy, is born in the fruit kingdom (strawberry). She dislikes dark places and hairy caterpillars, but she likes taking naps as well as four-leaf clovers, which she collects. She dreams of being the leader of a girl band. She is the leader of the trio and tackles everything with a natural confidence, but she can be an airhead at times. The strawberries on her head turn bright and wobble if she tells a lie.

Banyanyan is also born in the fruit kingdom (banana). She likes sleeping and karaoke, but she hates arithmetic. She dreams to be a princess, TV personality, and being an all-around cute lady. She’s part of the print club, which follows the latest trends. Being a girly-girl, she collects ribbons. She’s more of a follower than a leader, and while she makes a lot of noise, she doesn’t really do much. The bananas on her head spin around when she’s happy, making her fly like a helicopter.

Melorina is born in the fruit kingdom (melon). She likes animals and bugs, but she hates running. Because she’s an animal lover, she loves nature watching, and her dream is to own a pet shop one day. Like Banyanyan, she collects ribbons. She’s a bit of a crybaby and often causes trouble for the other two. In spite of that, she’s kind and well-loved. The melons on her head spin around when she becomes embarrassed.

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