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Year Created: 2007

Pankun is a baby panda who was abandoned in a forest where other pandas lived. His favorite possession is an old mitten, which was in the box where he was left in.

Pankun loves bread, so much so that his tummy rumbles every time he sees Shokupan and Koppepan, the two pieces of bread with him.

Get to know some of the more popular male characters of Sanrio by watching this week’s featured video!

My favorite characters” features crowd favorites like Badtz-Maru, KeroKeroKeroppi, and Pochacco. They are presented in scenes that show them having fun in the sun and being best at what they are: being cute!

You can check out the video by going to

Wanna know the secret stories of one of the guild founders of Hello Kitty Online? Look no further, because our featured blog this week is one of the awesome clan leaders  of HKO, and she’s set to have a roaring good time!

§Tiger Times§” is a blog owned and maintained by tigerlyly411, the founder and leader of the guild Tiger Melody (the icon of which is an adorable My Melody dressed in tiger-print clothes). The cool thing about her blog is that it not only serves as her personal blog, but it also became a de facto guild blog as well! If you want to check out her blog, go here:

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! How’s your New Year celebration? Here in Sanriotown, we all celebrated the start of the Year of the Golden Ox with fun and laughter, wishing everyone in the world good health and good fortune throughout the year!

And because all of you are special to us, we’re giving you two treats today: we added new official screenshots of “The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends 3d Animation” in the download section and a new Valentines theme for the blogs for an additional customization option. Hope you all enjoy it!

By the way, since it’s the start of a new year, we’re looking for the first video to feature in our Director’s Club. Want to share your New Year memories in Sanriotown? Tell us how you celebrated your 2008 Chinese New Year through Dream Studio and be the first to tell the world through Director’s Club how wonderful your celebration was!

We’d also like to give you all a heads up to Sanriotown’s ongoing event, the “Sanriotown Yummies contest.” We’re still accepting entries and will still be up to February 17, 2009. So what are you waiting for? Show us your kittified food by blogging it and get a chance to win exclusive Sanrio kitchenware prizes!
Click here for more info on how to join the Sanriotown Yummies Contest.

That’s all for today’s entry. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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