Real Name: Purin (”Pudding” in English)

Birthday: A sunny April 16 day

Year Created: 1996

Pom Pom Purin is an adorable golden retriever puppy who dreams of someday becoming like his parents, Mama and Papa Purin. He loves pudding aerobics, taking naps, making friends, and going out on walks with Muffin, his best friend. He lives in a special pudding basket with his parents, in front of their owner’s house (a girl). He also likes hiding and collecting shoes (like Mama’s sandals and Papa’s leather shoes). He loves milk and food that are nice and soft (like pudding that Mama makes!) He is rarely seen (if he is, at all) without his brown beret. His favorite phrase is “I’m going out!” and his least “No one’s home”.

Purin’s Family

 Papa and Mama are Purin’s beloved parents.

Papa is known for telling corny jokes. He is very kindhearted and looks over his family with a smiling face. He’s also a very good private detective. His famous is quote is, “If you’re looking for something, leave it to Papa!”

Mama is kind and tidy, most notably seen when she cleans up after Purin when he brings a new shoe home for his collection. She works in a cake shop. Her famous quote is, “You can’t beat Mama’s homemade pudding!”

Purin’s Friends

Muffin is Purin’s next door neighbor and best friend. He loves eating and he isn’t shy. If he sees anything that looks delicious, he’ll bite it to see what it tastes like. He likes cracking nuts and hiding in Purin’s beret. His birthday is on September 16.

Scone lives is a reliable and hardworking little guy. He lives in a red boot and loves joining corn eating competitions and doing tail tricks. His birthday is on February 2.

Whip is the opposite of Muffin in that he is quiet and shy. He’s always waddling behind Purin. He loves moving his body in time with a rhythm and sliding on his belly. He actually lives in an igloo in a really cold place, but he stays with Purin and their friends during the summer. His birthday is June 16.

Bagel lives in the little red mailbox of Purin’s owner. Like Whip, he’s shy, but he loves making friends all the while. He loves to cook, his specialty yummy hotcakes, because he’s got a sweet tooth. His  birthday is August 16.

Mint’s was born on a rainy June 6 day. He’s very energetic, his favorite activity jumping (he can jump further than anyone else), and he hates it when he loses.

Powder is a friendly but shy rabbit. She’s very kind, looking after Muffin and Scone. Rumor has it that she has a secret crush on Purin.

Tart is an adventurous little rabbit (his hobby is climbing high!), even if he looks quiet. His charm point is his big fluffy ears. He lives in the biggest cave in the forest. His birthday is October 10.

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  1. Awwww! Muffin and Scone are my favorites!

  2. […] you know, the SanrioTown blog says Papa is known for telling corny jokes. But honestly, I think Papa’s jokes are more smokey than […]

  3. OMG pom pom purin is so cute!

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