You can easily pick this cute little guy out of a crowd: he’s one with the buzz-cut, t-shirt, shorts, and tummy ache. Wait, tummy ache? Unfortunately yes. You see, he was trying to win the lucky popsicle prize, but every time he licked down to the stick, he always gets “Sorry, try again.” He kept trying, until he got the tummy ache. He’s a little silly, but hey, with that winning smile and attitude, who knows? He might get to win someday.

Amigurumi is becoming one of the most popular hobbies and trends now! We’ve featured Blog All Stars’ tidesong’s cute HKO-themed creations some time back. Now, we move from blog to video, as we feature an amigurumi-themed Dream Studio product!

AMIGURUMI! (or bears just wanna have fun!)“, by pink_ice, featuring amigurumi of cute bears as little cupcakes. The creations are really adorable, and it’s something that fans of cute stuff would definitely enjoy watching. You’ll even get to see a special guest make a few appearances on the video!

To find out who the mysterious special guest is, click here!

Founders’ Beta has been gone for two weeks now, but does that mean the fun is over? No it’s not! A lot of members have been blogging about their experiences playing the game, and we’re featuring one of them again today!

☆ C h i c k l i n g ☆“, named after the owner of the blog, are stories about Chickling’s experiences in Founders’ Beta. From stories about her guild, special events, quests, and even tips about the game, it’s got a load of content that would amuse the readers (especially those who are missing the game!)

 You can check out her blog at

Hi everyone! It’s your last chance to send in your entries for the last two events of Founders’ Beta! You only have one hour left to submit your entries for the “Blog For Thought” and “A Day With Hello Kitty And Friends” contests.  Please remember that you will need to e-mail your entries for the “Blog For Thought” event to “hkoevent(at)” with the subject line “Blog For Thought.”  All of the entries for “A Day With Hello Kitty And Friends” must be uploaded to DreamStudio with the tag: “HKOKittyFriend” in order to qualify. 

The deadline for submissions for both events is on November 17, 2008 at 23:59 EST.

Please visit the HKO Event Blog for more details.

Good luck!


Test your typing ability as you pit your skills against My Melody, Piano, and Rhythm in “My Melody Typing Game”!

What you have to do is type out the words that one of them is carrying. You have to be fast though, because time ticks as you try and remove these words fom the screen. Certain blocks also help you as you play the game: orange ones add to your life,  blue ones pause the time for a few seconds, and the red ones get rid of all the remaining words on the screen.

Get to play this and other fun games on!

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