Finally! All those keys you’ve been holding to for the longest time will finally realize their potential! First of all, this is a GUILD EVENT so you better start getting to know people in your neighborhood.

At around 10pm EST, GM-Neverender will make an announcement asking for 1 representative for each guild. Once they reach the designated place, he will give each representative these items:

  • Statue of Liberty House Certificate
  • Empire State House Certificate
  • Grand Central House Certificate

In exchange, they will have to give me:

  • Liberty Key
  • Empire Key
  • Grand Central Ticket

Once that’s over and done with, each guild will now have now have to start building the house in a farm. To use the certificate:

  1. Go to a farm, right-click on the certificate. So basically, each guild will need three farms because one farm can only support one structure.
  2. Collect required materials

Once you’re done with send an email containing:

  1. A screenshot of the finished structure (Empire/Liberty/Grand Central) with members of the guild (doesn’t have to be all of them) standing in front of it.
  2. Do the same for the other structures as well. In total, you must send a total of three emails. 

Send screenshots to hkoevent[at]

Remember: Only the FIRST 2 emails will be entertained for each structure and will be declared the winner for that building. For example, “Neverender Guild” and “Abby Guild” were the first two guilds who finished the Liberty House but “Bacon Guild” and “AVA Guild” were the first two guilds to finish the Empire House.

If your guild is one of the first two guilds who has finished a New York Monument, we will contact your guild leader and ask for the THE NAMES OF ALL THE ACTIVE GUILD MEMBERS ALONG WITH THEIR EMAIL ADDRESSES. Let the Guild Members decide who’s active or not based on member activity.

For the rest of the players who have collected the keys, hold on to your keys for they will be reimbursed. We just have to get this event done )

Got it? Good. Open Beta glory is at stake ) Good luck, guys!

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