Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a great time celebrating this wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Be sure to greet them today by sending them lovely Sanrio e-cards exclusively from Sanriotown!

Now that November is about to end, there’s one holiday that’s almost here that people are looking forward to: Christmas! It’s only a few weeks until December’s special day comes, and what better way to celebrate it than creating a video about it?

Merry Christmas from Sanrio” by pauline_2008 is all about the joyous holiday, presented to you Sanrio-style! Aside from showing e-cards featuring your favorite Sanrio characters, the video also presents to you stuff showing them in their cuteness!

You can check out the video at http://video.sanriotown.com/video/ffd51af6dfe6dd0a.

Have you ever had a plush that you’ve become attached to, to the point that it already becomes part of the family? Check out this week’s featured blog and meet one blogger who treats Hello Kitty as a family member!

Kitty’s Catventures” features the blogger’s adventures with her Hello Kitty plushie, which she dresses, colors with, even takes to different places! She’s also got loads of other cute Sanrio stuff in her entries, including the Little Twin Stars, Chococat, and Pandapple, as well as Hello Kitty-related techie stuff.

Check out her blog at http://blog.sanriotown.com/kitty_kyline:hellokitty.com.

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s birthday, Sanrio is donating $5 for each exclusive T-Shirt produced by her friends at the Humane Society of the United States. Hello Kitty and her new friend Spot are depicted in the shirts, shown in fashionable vintage-washed design.

Purchase this now! As they say, wearing is caring.

Sanrio has opened up Sanrio Luxe, a new concept store geared towards modernizing Sanrio through its products. The boutique, located in Times Square in New York, targets fashion-conscious women in their twenties, especially those who have grown up with hello Kitty and have a strong emotional connection with the brand.Among the products the store will be selling are items that are directly from Japan, as well as other items from the company’s licensees all over the world.

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