Year Created: 1989

Birthday: February 29 (He’s a leap year puppy!)

Birthplace: Uguisu Yokocho (Nightingale Lane)

Pochacco’s a really curious puppy, but he’s a bit scatter-brained at times. You can sometimes find him heading off to one direction and then somehow straying off the path because he got distracted by something new he found. He loves making friends and taking walks - in fact, he’s already mastered walking on two legs (even if he trips on his own two feet at times!) He loves Spring because he like Spring milk vetch. His favorite food is banana ice cream, which he can eat a lot of to the point of getting his tummy full of it.

Pochacco’s Friends 

Choppi is Pochacco’s best friend in the whole wide world. He gets a little flustered at times and depends on Pochacco to help him out in sticky situations. While small, he occupies a big space in his best friend’s heart.  

The Pi-chans, Pi-Yo, Pi-Pu, and Pi-ko are the constant peep peep peeping trio! 

Mogumogu’s a mole, and he loves being one! He’s happy when he’s in dirt. He always looks sleepy with his eyes almost closed, but in truth, the sun hurts his eyes.

Pi-ru-ru loves joking around. He tends to change his mind a lot. This is seen when he appears one minute, and gone the next.

Popporu, Pochacco’s swimming instructor, waddles more than he walks. 


 Dotchi tends to get carried away. While he’s fun, like Pochacco, he’s a bit scatter-brained.

He might be a trickster, but nobody hates Guri, because he’s adorable! He is seldom seen, creating an air of mystery around him.


Pochacco met Mon-Mon the flying squirrel while he was on his way to Konya-Konya Mountain. They ended up not reaching Konya-Konya, because they played with each other the entire day. 


Samyu is the little kitten Pochacco sleeping in a tree.

 Ponchi the sailor penguin met Pochacco when he went on a vacation to the South Seas.

Tap is a dodo bird. Even if he belongs to a flightless bird breed, he still tries to get off the ground.

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