Server Status

The unexpectedly high player response and the high log in attempts since the start of the Founders’ Beta have caused some unexpected problems in Hello Kitty Online, including inability to log in and server crashes. We apologize for these issues and for any inconvenience caused to players. Most of the server problems have now been resolved and we are working to prevent future difficulties. 

Daily Maintenance Checks

We will be performing a daily server maintenance check every 4am Eastern Standard Time (4pm GMT +8).  During that time, we will take down the game server to apply fixes, patches, and maintain optimal performance.  Server maintenance will take at least 30 minutes depending on the fixes and updates required.

Updates to Guild and Farm Systems, Game Balance

We have listened to your comments and made it our top priority to fix the current issues with guilds and farms, both in terms of requirements as well as game balance.  We understand that playing with your friends is the best way to experience the game, and that guilds are the best avenue for you to do that.  We are addressing the problems with guild creation and we are working hard to reduce guild requirements to a reasonable level. This may require a few patch updates to get right, so please bear with us. 

Farms are being adjusted to make for a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Several changes are in the works, among them adjustments to fertilizer consumption rates, drop rates, and the value of your harvest.  As with the changes to the Guild system, updates to Farms may require multiple updates and will be an ongoing work.

For this and more changes please see today’s change log.  

Coming Soon: Return of the Housing System

After explosive popular demand, we are now working double time to get houses ready for everyone. Houses will return to the game just as soon as we finish balancing house building requirements and we finish checking the home decoration system. Expect to see Housing make its comeback before the last week of October.

Coming Soon: Build
New York !

The Big Apple is coming to

Land and you can help to build it!  Players who participate in this momentous in-game event will have a chance to be immortalized in Hello Kitty Online’s super-cute version of the city that never sleeps,
New York !  Stay tuned for more details. Warning: this event is imminent! Do not miss it!

Founders’ Beta is off to a roaring start! A lot of our members are blogging about Hello Kitty Online, and this week’s featured blogger is no exception! She is such a fan of HKO that she actually had amigurumi creations of some of the MMORPG’s characters!

Meet tidesong of “Tidesong’s Teahouse“, one of Hello Kitty Online’s known players. She’s actually been in HKO since closed beta, and it’s great having her back here playing the game! Her blog’s really quite fun to read, not only because she has stories to tell about the game and has tips on how to play the MMORPG, but she also has shown her love for HKO in a different aspect of her leisure time: crocheting! Tidesong has created a lot of amigurumi based on the Hello Kitty Online creatures, such as the “boxpig” (as coined by GM Abby!), the starfish, and the hermit crab!

Check out here blog at

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