From all of us here on Sanriotown to all of you:

Happy Halloweeen!


We’d also like to give a big shoutout to Charmmy Kitty and Kuromi, who are both celebrating their birthdays today! Happy birthday!

Halloween’s just around the corner! What better way to celebrate the occasion by posting a (slightly) spooky video?
Ponii’s Adventures“, made by pauline_2008, is a video featuring (who else?) Ponii, the little pony! The images are all drawn by the video maker herself, so it’s really a product of her imagination. It’s got the right touch of spookiness, cuteness, color, and adventure that would definitely catch the attention of viewers.
Watch Ponii in her spooky adventure and see who she ends up meeting in

What do gaming, Hello Kitty, and Robert Downey have in common? How about anime, Japanese, games and just about everything related to Japan to betta fish? These are just some of the topics discussed by this week’s featured blog!Arcsis’s Blog” is a blog that talks about a wealth of subjects. It’s very instructive, from giving lessons in speaking and writing Japanese to taking care of betta fish, this online journal gives interested readers tips and advice on how to learn more about these things in detail. Don’t mistake “informative” for “dull” though: this blog pulls you in not only because you get to find out about stuff on it, but also because the writer added her very own personal touch on it: blurbs about her life are added on to the entries, always in relation to what she’s talking about. The fact that the icons she uses to start off her entries are mostly Hello Kitty doesn’t hurt, either!

You can check out “Arcsis’s Blog” by visiting

The recently-concluded “Be Nice, Guys!” event was a success! Players worked hard to give GM-Salvador his request for newbie items (the complete wardrobe, no less!) before the time ended. The “social experiment” had a mix of results: from a sudden change in the bartering system to the shift in economy in Sanrio land. The result: numerous leopard glasses were handed out, while new members of Hello Kitty Online were pleasantly pleased with the exchanges they made.Here’s a screenshot of the players lining up to trade their items with GM-Salvador:

Greet Hello Kitty on her birthday! Send us your birthday e-cards, photos, fan art, or a simple “happy birthday” to the white feline and we’ll be posting them in Hello Kitty World and the official Sanriotown blog in Chinese!If you want to create a video to greet Sanrio’s most famous cat, you can upload movie clips, pictures, and music in Sanriotown’s very own Dream Studio!

Email us your greetings at until early November to have your birthday greeting displayed here on Sanriotown!

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