Kobuta no Pippo

Year Created: 1993

Real Name: Pippo

Birthday: A warm and sunny December 16

If the day of his birth wasn’t special enough, Pippo’s also unique himself! He loves trying new things and is  constantly out and about, inventing and discovering new things. He has a special talent for coming up with new games for everyone to play.

4 Responses to “All About: Kobuta no Pippo”

  1. pippo is so cute and fun love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when i was in 7th grade (i am now 26 lol) i had a kabuta no pippo lunch box that my friend Anna picked up for me in chinatown nyc. it was my favorite. i have no idea what happend to it unfortunatley. is there any way i could find something like this again? it was a tin lunchbox and it was kind of rectangular.

  3. i meant “kobuta” sorry :/

  4. aw! We have the same birthday!! why is he not a bigger deal!?

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