For those who are catching up on the latest on Sanriotown or are relatively new to the site, here are the latest events:

A new Sanriotown game has been launched featuring CoroCoroKuririn and his girlfriend Sakura! “Seed Busters” is a bit like tetris - with a twist. Help the two hamsters get rid of the the seeds before they fill the screen!

The September freebies are also available for you to download! Get wallpapers, icons, and more by signing in to your account!

Last, but most definitely, we’ve launched a new contest for you to join! All you need to do is tell us your fun travel stories and you stand a chance to sawin awesome prizes, so join the “Travel the World” event now!

All these and more are available to you when you get your Sanriotown account, so be sure to register now if you haven’t gotten one yet. We’ve got lots of surprises awaiting you for the coming months, so stay tuned!

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