Sanriotown is offering an exclusive discount for its members if they avail of “Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams”, available on Autumn 2008 exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Simply spend 1,000 of your Kitty Points and you get 15% discount when you purchase the game! You’ll even automatically get an open beta account for the much-anticipated MMORPG, Hello Kitty Online!


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Hi everyone! You only have five days to go before Round 1 of the “Travel the World Event” contest ends, so send your entries now! Tell us your travel tales, whether these be your adventures, food you’ve tried, or places you’ve seen, and get the chance not only to be featured here, but also to win awesome prizes! The participant icon have been added to all the entries. Winners will be announced on October 6.traveltheworld

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Birthday: July 7

Pink No Corisu is originally from Pinkuru Planet. She came to  Earth to see how many flowers she could make bloom here by using the power of the little blossom she wears on her head. Her mama and papa  are the king and queen of the Pinkuru Planet Squirrel Kingdom. Pinkuru Planet is always filled with flowers and very peaceful, and the air there always smells sweet.

Be one of the first to catch a glimpse of the highly-anticipated game that comes exclusively for the Nintendo DS - “Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams“!

“Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams” is the latest in the line of games made by Sanrio for its fans. In this one, the player, as Kitty, starts on the ground floor of an apartment building, and the goal is to be able to move up to the penthouse by playing a series of mini-games. Other well-loved Sanrio characters make appearances to join in your big-city adventure.

Check out the video to watch the official trailer of the game. If you can’t see it, click here.

Kuromi’s getting a lot of fans lately! My Melody’s nemesis has been getting a lot of coverage, appearing in a lot of photos, videos, events (Hello, Black Wonder!), and so much more, and this week’s featured blog highlights these!

Kuromi Stuff” is all about the dark, mischievous rabbit. From toys to accessories, Kuromi’s grinning face can be seen appearing on these, proving that while she’s a relatively new character, her steadily-growing fanbase can’t get enough of the little bunny and want to see more.

Check out this video by visiting

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