This week’s featured blogger is one of the biggest Sanrio fans we’ve seen in a while, and it’s not just because she’s here on Sanriotown! A self-confessed lifelong Sanrio fan, she definitely shows her love for the cute and cuddly kind with her entries and her collection!Bunnywinx

When you visit “The Magical BunnyWinx Zone” by bunnywinx, you can definitely see even at first glance that this blogger is a huge fan of Sanrio. The highlight of her blog is her Sanrio stuffies, ranging from the practical, like pens and pencils, to the unique (fuzzy socks, anyone?) She’s got a massive collection that would definitely make any fan swoon to see these. We’d also like to personally send a shout-out to BunnyWinx for winning a prize in the recently-finished Hello Kitty Online trailer contest. Congratulations, BunnyWinx!:D

You can check out her blog at

One Response to “Blog of the Week!”

  1. Ohh man, I’m the featured blog of the week?! @_@ Craziness! I didn’t even think I had a lot of worthwhile content! It was so weird reading this… the first paragraph doesn’t mention my name, so I was just like “Hm, this person is one of Sanriotown’s biggest Kitty fan?” And then I scroll below the image and it’s like WHAT that’s my name!!

    So thanks guys. =D I’ve totally been inspired to give my blog some better content now!

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