Picke Bicke
Year Created: 1993

Birthday: January 1

Picke Bicke’s not your regular mouse. Not only is he carefree and laid-back, he also has one exceptional talent: use his extraordinarily large ears to fly! With his tail serving as the rudder, he goes off on the air. When he gets distracted, he always ends up having a tailspin.

One of Sanrio’s popular cat characters (aside from Hello Kitty!) is cute little Chococat, and this week’s featured video is all about him!

Chococat’s Life” by sunshine_600 is all about the little kitten with the chocolate-colored nose. Various images show him being his trademark cheeky self, from peeking at the camera at the sides to going on vacation to great places (can anyone say Stonehenge?) It’s really all about the cute kitten, something that Chococat lovers from all over the world would definitely love to see.

You can check out this video by visiting http://video.sanriotown.com/video/ac59471fdf37083f.

From the member who brought you Pink Bear comes another one of her new characters - and we love this kitten so much that we’re featuring her journal as this week’s featured blog!

It’s Lily Cat and That is That!” features lilybethflame’s latest character following Pink Bear: Lily Cat, complete with her family and her boyfriend Vito. Don’t mistake them to be mere kittens though, because with these two, teens can definitely relate to what it’s like to have adventures, hanging out with friends, and even being in love for the first time.

Check out the stories of Lily’s life (and even her best friend Pink Bear’s too!) by visiting http://blog.sanriotown.com/lizzyslocket:hellokitty.com/.

You asked for it, and we deliver!

Three brand new blog themes are now ready for members to spice up their blogs with! Designs include “Wedding Hello Kitty”, “Baby Hello Kitty”, and by popular request, “Hello Kitty Online“!

Log on to your Sanriotown Account now and start blogging! And if you don’t have a Sanriotown account, sign up for free and enjoy several services, including Email (with character domains such as “hellokitty.com”, “mymelody.com”, and “kuririnmail.com”), Dream Studio, and Forums!

Petite Plie
Year Created: 1988

These soft pink shoes transports girls to a land where their dreams of being graceful ballerinas come true.

Pink Blog
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