Piggies aren’t really seen highly by people. They’re seen as a source of food, and people who do gross things are called, well, pigs. Snowy_budgie is trying to change people’s perceptions about ‘em, though, and she started by creating a great video about how awesome our little friends are.

Kawaii Piggies” feature the cutest pigs and piglets you will ever see. Cartoons or real ones, these pictures show a side of them that people rarely pay attention to, and the photos not only make one exclaim over how these are completely adorable, but also makes one think of why they’re not always seen as that. It makes us see them in a different light, and hopefully, appreciate them a little more.

You can watch the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/d7bba306992e8089.

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