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Sanrio’s known for its many unique characters, from white mouthless felines who speak from the heart to talking food, we’ve got a whole bunch of  goofy, memorable icons that are loved by people all over the world. It’s no surprise that members of Sanriotown could also come up with their very own characters of their own, and this week’s featured blogger is one of them!Kasumi and Ao-Chan

Everyone, meet the little blue rabbit Ao-Chan! He’s a little blue rabbit who’s the best friend of Kasumi, and they share in writing entries for their blog “Kasumi and Ao-chan’s Randomness =D“. Ao-chan is actually a five-inch stuffed toy made by Kasumi, which she brings everywhere with her. He’s got his very own personality, having an unhealthy obsession for junk food and video games, does breakdancing, and a bit grumpy.  He and Kasumi make for a great tandem, arguing to their heart’s content on their entries and having the time of their lives writing. If they’re not arguing on the blog, they tell stories of their adventures - and of them arguing while enjoying it too.:D

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