Patapata Peppy

Year Created: 1991

Peppy is a  very curious little forest owl. One of his favorite hobbies is taking afternoon naps. He loves eating fresh cherries. His known talent is swooping and doing low-flying acrobatics, which make him the talk of the town.

Scrapbooking’s a fun way to preserve memories. There you can put pictures and stuff that are memorable to you, so you can go back to these and relive those memories when you want to. This week’s featured video is just like that: a digital photo album featuring the video maker and people that she cherishes the most.

Slideshow“, made by kittycayleen, features pictures of important events of the video maker’s life, and it stars not only her, but also those who are part of her life. The pictures are really nice (and makes the viewer go down memory lane of his/her own). To cap it off, good music plays in the background of the video, providing the vibe.

You can check the video out at

Avid Readers UniteCertifiable bookworms will love this week’s featured blog, as it is made by a book lover for book lovers!Book Lovers Unite!” is all about books, books, and more books! Almost every entry is dedicated to a series or a novel, usually in the fantasy or sci-fi genres. The entries are especially interesting because the author takes the readers’ suggestions on what to feature, and also volunteers which ones she likes that follow a person’s favorite book, so it’s very fun and interactive.

Check out this blog at

Here are more photos of the launch of “Hello Kitty and Friends Mobile Fun Club” in Malaysia!The press conference was held on June 6 at D’Apartment, KLCC in Kuala Lumpur. A publicity event followed that on June 7-8 at Maxis Centre, Sunway Pyramid II.

Hello Kitty and Friends 

Hello Kitty and Friends

Hello Kitty and Friends

Check out the latest addition to Sanriotown’s online quizzes! Hello Kitty Goods Picture Test“Kitty Goods Picture Test” is meant to let you know more about yourself, based on the pictures that appeal to you. Your answers will determine what results you will get, so be specific on how you approach the quiz.Some of the other quizzes you could take up are Love Bomb, Won a Gift Check, and the Angel’s Halo. You can take all these and more simply by going to and getting your free account.

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