Year Created: 1985

Meet these three friends! Kuro (or Blackie) is the leader of the group - for him, anyway.  He loves to snuggle down in nice, comfortable places. His second-in-command is Tora (or Stripes), an adventurous little cat. Lastly, Mi-Ke (or Patches), the darling of the group, loves homemade sweets.

While some people’s summer is about to end, others are just about to begin! Just about everybody seems to love everything that this season brings: from the sun to the fun, it’s all welcome!

Today’s featured video celebrates the beauty of this season. Called “Colours of Summer“, the video’s all about fun in the sun! A special bonus is that you can see your favorite Sanrio characters enjoying the season, in the middle of scenes that best reminds one of this great season.

You can check out the video by visiting

Now that we’re nearing the end of the Hello Kitty Online beta testing, let’s take a look back at what the testers experienced: from the point-of-view of one of the players herself! Ripplecloud’s blog is a great site to visit not only if you want to read up on HKO, but also to get a daily dose of amusement and cuteness rolled into one.Hello Kitty Online

Ripplecloud’s blog is not just a dry narration of what she’s experienced in the game, what places she’s visited there, the friends she made, etc. She tells all of these by adding her unique touch to it: not only does she share amusing stories about the adventures she’s had in the game, but she also adds images with very funny captions and dialogues. Imagine giving dialogues for the pets, online parties, GM encounters, mixed with goofiness and Sanrio characters and you’ll get an idea what this blog is all about!

Check out her blog at

Hello Kitty On May 18, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism  appointed Sanrio’s icon Hello Kitty as the official 11th Goodwill Ambassador of Japan.

She is the first cartoon character to be a goodwill ambassador for Japan.

The promotion is part of their “Visit Japan Campaign”, aimed to attract tourists.

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