Minna No Tabo

 Year Created: 1984

Name: Tabo

Birthday: May 5

This little boy has no dishonest bone in his body! He’s very straightforward and honest, and this is what makes him win over others to be his friends, whether people or animals. He is smart and remains cheerful in whatever situation he’s in, although he can get a little talkative and may brag a bit much sometimes. He always has rice cake filled with bean paste and wrapped in oak leaves during his birthday. He loves to play sports, and he hates green peppers.

Tabo’s Family

Minna No Tabo's Family 

Papa: He works at a travel agency. He is fluent in both English and Chinese, and his favorite hobby is writing songs.

Mama: She’s a very sporty person, and that’s probably why Tabo loves to play games too! She’s also a good cook, her specialty being rice omelet. Her hobby is shuji: a form of Chinese drawing.

Ma-kun: Tabo’s younger brother. He’s a little spoiled, but he’s very smart, sometimes able to figure things out faster than his older brother. He loves following Tabo around, and he enjoys playing memory card games.

Minna No Tabo’s Friends

Minna No Tabo Friends

Tabo’s got a lot of animals as his pals! His best friend is the little dog, who’s always there to give a helping hand (or paw). The dolphin is Tabo’s swimming instructor, while the penguin is his tummy-tobogganing buddy.

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