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This two-year old elephant is really cute in her pink pajamas! She is never seen without her rabbit doll. Her favorite hobby in the whole world is taking baths.

Hi everybody! We’re nearly at the end of May, and so far, we’ve seen some pretty good entries in the HKO trailer contest. As a matter of fact, you guys have been doing such a great job that we’ll be featuring some of your masterpieces here in Director’s Club!

For this post, we’ll be featuring two of the best videos we’ve seen so far:

First of all, here’s a professional-looking entry from user icyrascal. Note how the video features an edited version of the audio provided by the trailer pack:

And here we have an impressive trailer that looks like it used nothing more than Dream Studio’s own features and special effects. This trailer was made by hkotest251, who seems to be a beta tester for HKO as well.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting samples as we enter the second month of the contest!

Just about every person is creative: it just depends on what form it will appear in. Some are good at drawing, others in writing, there are also those who are involved with music, movement, and performing. This week’s featured blogger has a creative soul, as she not only can draw but also write short poems!The blog of stories and randomness

The Blog of Stories and Randomness” is really interesting to read. She’s a self-confessed Sanrio fan who even came up with her own character as a result of her love for the cute things here. The most striking thing about her blog would be the cute pictures she’s drawn herself on her computer, usually featuring her cartoon version of herself and Cinnamoroll, her favorite character. She also tries her hand at poetry, posting some of her works on her blog. She also has amazing insights that is unexpected of a young person, but certainly not unwelcome.

You can check out her blog at

More upgrades have been made in Sanriotown! This time, the modifications have been made on Dream Studio, our video provider with a kick!

The changes in Dream Studio include the following:

  • Thumbnails of related videos will now appear at the end of a played video.
  • Videos can now be played in full-screen; and
  • Known bugs have been fixed.

Do let us know what you think!:D

 The official online community of fans of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Bad Badtz-Maru, KeroKeroKeroppi and all your favorite Sanrio characters just got better!

The Dream Studio and blog generators now have more entries that appear on the front page of Sanriotown. This will give visitors an easier time to check out who the members of the site are, based on their videos and blogs - and of course, the features themselves.

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