Whoever said animals weren’t wise are proven wrong with this video!

Comet’s Words of Wisdom” features an adorable white cat spouting off words of wisdom that are very relevant and applicable in a person’s life (and a cat’s, when you get down to it).

Comet is actually the cat of the video maker, so everything you see here is all original.;)

Check her video out at http://video.sanriotown.com/video/1789b9feac1ce0c2.

Fashion lovers and Hello Kitty fans will definitely love this blog! Not only does she post pictures of just about everything Hello Kitty in her life, but she also posts images of her outfits of the day!Yada Yada YadaYada Yada Yada” is the epitome of a girly-girl - she loves fashion and cutesy things!

In just about every nook and cranny of her blog, you’ll get a taste of her Hello Kitty obsession. She doesn’t just post pictures of the stuff she owns, but she also takes photos of items featuring the cute white feline that she encounters. That’s a load of kitties for Hello Kitty fans!

For the fashionistas, there’s also something for you. The blog author posts daily updates of her outfit of the day. You could even pick up som tips from her on how to mix-and-match your clothes to make it work.

Check out her blog at http://blog.sanriotown.com/yadayadayada:hellokitty.com.

Hello Kitty Eco-StyleHappy Earth Day, everyone!

Sanrio wants to keep the environment clean and safe for everyone too, and that’s why various products have been created that are nature-friendly. Ranging from bags, cups, mugs, and even detergent, these are all made from natural ingredients and materials that are completely safe, not to mention cute.:D

Check these out on your local Sanrio stores, or find these online.:)

Don’t forget to do your part to conserve and preserve the environment!

On Tuesday, we’ll have a special presentation for you. What is it, you ask? Here’s a clue: it’s all about Mother Nature!

On Wednesday, we’ll be featuring the latest addition to the Blog All-Stars.

On Thursday, it’s Dream Studio’s time to shine as we feature the video of the week.

On Friday, we’ll be featuring your favorite hooded rabbit, My Melody!

 Nemukko NyagoYear Created: 2000

Real Name: Nyago

Birthday: May 25

Birthplace: Japan

This is one sleepy cat! A little tabby, Nyago was born in the streets of a small town in Japan.

Nyago wants to meet friends who also love doing his favorite activity. Can you guess what it is? Yep, it’s sleeping!

Nemukko Nyago

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