My MelodyYear Created: 1975

Real Name: Melody 

Birthday: January 18

My Melody is a cheerful, kind, and gentle rabbit. She was born in Maryland, where she still lives with her parents and her little brother. While good-natured, her curiosity makes her hasty at times.

Her favorite hobby is to bake cookies with her mother. The food she really loves is almond pound cake. Her most prized possession is her hood, which her grandmother made for her.

 Trivia: My

My Melody’s Family and Friends

My Melody Family and Friends


Dad: My Melody’s dad is kind and strong.

Mom: She loves to do handcrafts, as well as bake and make sweets with My Melody.

Rhythm: My Melody’s little brother can be a little mischievous at times.

Grandpa:  Don’t let his age fool you! My Melody’s grandfather is actually very adventurous.

Grandma: My Melody’s wise grandmother.


Flat: My Melody’s best friend, Flat the mouse is a little shy around other people.

Piano: A kind, little sheep, Piano’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle.

Other friends of My Melody include Harizezumi, Lisu, and Kuma.

Onegai My Melody

Onegai My Melody

With the release of the anime “Onegai My Melody“, new characters were introduced. Among them are My Melody’s rival, Kuromi, also a white rabbit but donning a black jester hat with a pink skull, and her tapir, Baku, a very patient guy, especially where Kuromi is concerned.

Kuromi has a gang of her own called Kuromi’s 5, who all ride bikes and wear black. Members of these are Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi. Don’t mistake Kuromi for being tough and heartless, though! She’s actually very girly, and she has the habit of having crushes on cute guys.

Humans also became part of the cast. From Yumeno Uta, the girl protagonist and friend of My Melody, to Hiiragi Keiichi, the seemingly cold violin player and heartthrob, they add more humor and magic to the widening “cast” involving My Melody.

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  1. more my melody biography please :)

  2. ILOVE KUROMI!!!!!!!!;D


  4. bellu stu situ

  5. hey!!!! omg that is so cute!!! i love that. you said you wrote a anime!!! that is cool. can you also tell me all the names of the people in the pics?? they are to cute. i wanna look em’ up. k. BYE!!!

  6. hi my name is also melody but i dont act gental like a bunny ok? bye

  7. hello omg am i the only one writing right please tell cause i see myself as number 6-7 hi someone say hi espeially if you iz a guy my email iz you no wat only if you a and if you send me mai

  8. oh my.this fun to watch.the cast are good and seemingly adventurous in a sense,hope you will post more of it……god bless.

  9. Amo a my melody y a todos los personajes de sanrio (L)

  10. How come Onegai My Melody was never released in the US? It seems almost everything in Japan isn’t released here! It would be a hit here since the US loves Kuromi.

  11. I want Onegai My Melody! It looks like it would have action in it! It doesn’t look like Hello Kitty that teaches you “Lessons”! This show looks like it’s full of action! It also looks cute! :)

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