Here are this week’s features on this blog that you can watch out for:

Tuesday: Check out what quirky Kitty item is up for featuring tomorrow.

Wednesday: Will your blog be the latest addition to the Blog-All Stars? Find out this Wednesday!

Thursday: Do you have potential directorial/acting/producing abilities? We can help you out, as we’ll be featuring the best video we’ve seen for the week.

Friday: Monkichi lovers will love Friday’s entry, as we’ll be doing a character profile on the lovable monkey.

All of us here on SanrioTown would like to wish you and your family a blessed Easter! We hope you have a great one!Hello Kitty Easter

1. The only legitimate e-mail address for communication regarding the Hello Kitty Online Beta Test is “” only. Please do not reply to any Hello Kitty Online Beta Test invitation, e-mail or address request if they are not coming from the e-mail “

2. For selected close beta testers, please be assured that we do not share our customer information with any other party and the information you give us will be kept in confidence and used only for the purposes of sending you materials related to the closed beta only. We’ve also censored part of your e-mail addresses for your security and the spambots will not be able to detect your e-mail.

If you do not receive any e-mail regarding your closed beta application or have inquires about it, you may always e-mail to ““.

Thank you very much for your attention and have a Happy Easter holidays!

Hello Kitty Bow AccessoriesWho says bows always have to be on people’s heads? These Hello Kitty items prove that these can be used as accessories in other ways - and quite fashionably too!

Hello Kitty Bow Accessories

The Hello Kitty bows have now been re-invented and placed on rings, bangles, and pendants. Hello Kitty’s face is the centerpiece of these. The rest of the bow are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The accessories are the result of the collaboration between Sanrio Japan and tinkpink, a fashionable jewelry brand.

Each of these cost 19,800 yen.

Your long wait is now over! The official list of accepted beta testers is now released.Check out if you’re part of this select group of members by clicking here, or visiting

Don’t forget to check your e-mails! Detailed instructions are listed there, so be sure to read through it very carefully.

Again, congratulations to the accepted applicants! We also thank everyone for your amazing response.

Here’s to all of you!:D

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