We’re having an abundance of character blogs these days! After the blog features of Mimmy, Keroppi, and Zashikibuta, we now have everyone’s favorite female anti-hero of Sanrio, Kuromi! That’s right: My Melody’s accidental nemesis has found her way to Sanriotown!Kuromi's Angsty Blog

Like the other chracter blogs, “Kuromi’s Angsty Blog” is made by a fan who is writing from the point-of-view of the slightly egotistical but adorable rabbit. From time to time, Baku, the flying tapir, also makes an appearance and invades the blog with his posts. Her banners are all drawn by the author, providing a personal touch in her entries. Another interesting feature of her blog is that she makes banners for her fans - and she has a lot of them! Read her entries as she interacts with the other characters, drools over her “Hiiragi-shama“, and fights for Sanrio queendom.

Read more about Kuromi’s stories at http://blog.sanriotown.com/kuromi_chan:mymelody.com/.

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  1. OMG mad face

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