We’ve received a lot of entries for our contest in these past 2 weeks, and we would like to thank you all again. But now we have the most important part of this competition, the voting!

The videos are all posted here, and the poll is at the bottom of this post. This is your chance to have a say in which of these five should get the 3 limited edition 1GB Hello Kitty USB memory sticks and which one will get the SanrioTown premium account!

Without further ado, here are your top 5 videos:

Zakura_2007’s video “Love Is…“:

Yeungmama’s video “Love is…“:

Lilah’s video “Love is… for me…“:

Sugi_baby’s video “Love is…..“:

Otterhead’s video “Love Is Also…“:

And now that you’ve seen all the videos, here is the poll! Don’t forget to tell your friends to vote as well, because the voting period will end on MARCH 9, 2008. You can also leave a comment and tell everyone who you voted for! Good luck to our top entries!

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Have you noticed that the weather’s really nice these days? For some countries, it’s the start of spring, and for others, it’s almost summer! While it’s starting to get nice and warm, it might get too hot at times, or sudden rainfalls may occur. What better way to protect yourself from the elements than by using, not just any umbrella, but a Hello Kitty one?

Hello Kitty Umbrella

Not only does this umbrella have Hello Kitty’s face on it, but it also has cat ears appearing on opposite sides, complete with a ribbon on her left ear, her trademark bow. It costs 1,890 yen.

Now, rain or shine, you’ll be decked out in style!

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