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Year Created: 1991 Full Name: Oyama No MonkichiBirthday: January 13

Birthplace: Japan

Monkichi’s full name means “Monkichi of the Mountains”, and that’s where he and his friends are from. He loves having fun and making puns! He lives for the moment, and he loves to perform in front of others, sharing stories and poems and trading jokes. Hi dream is to be a professional poet or comedian.

This little boy monkey holds the world record for banana speed-eating, reputedly going through 10 in less than a minute.

Friends of Monkichi

Friends of Monkichi

Momo: Everyone’s favorite little girl. She’s born on March 3.

Oo: Born on February 1, this little monkey is laid-back with just about everything, except for math, which he dislikes.

Daikichi: Born on May 5, this thick-eyebrowed guy considers himself a handsome little monkey.

Monsuke: This guy is so carefree he can be a bit scatter-brained. His birthday is on April 1.

Chieo: Don’t let his goofy eyes fool you! He’s actually the brains of the group - and he has ESP. His birthday’s on December 25.

Monta: The last guy of the group, Monta is actually Monkichi’s little brother. He was born on November 26.

We’ve got a special featured video for all of you today! Since we’ve just celebrated Easter, today’s Dream Studio pick is all about this occasion!

Kitty’s Easter Day“, made by xxsillysausagexx, is a short Easter story featuring not only Hello Kitty, but also My Melody and the Little Twin Stars, as well as cameo appearances of other well-loved Sanrio characters. While the video is short, it’s still pretty cute.

You can watch the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/c783a8f2c23ede0a.

We’re having an abundance of character blogs these days! After the blog features of Mimmy, Keroppi, and Zashikibuta, we now have everyone’s favorite female anti-hero of Sanrio, Kuromi! That’s right: My Melody’s accidental nemesis has found her way to Sanriotown!Kuromi's Angsty Blog

Like the other chracter blogs, “Kuromi’s Angsty Blog” is made by a fan who is writing from the point-of-view of the slightly egotistical but adorable rabbit. From time to time, Baku, the flying tapir, also makes an appearance and invades the blog with his posts. Her banners are all drawn by the author, providing a personal touch in her entries. Another interesting feature of her blog is that she makes banners for her fans - and she has a lot of them! Read her entries as she interacts with the other characters, drools over her “Hiiragi-shama“, and fights for Sanrio queendom.

Read more about Kuromi’s stories at http://blog.sanriotown.com/kuromi_chan:mymelody.com/.

Sanriotown Korea has been awarded “Best Website”!Sanriotown Korea

Sanriotown Korea

Congratulations, Sanriotown Korea!

You can check out their portal by going to http://www.sanriotown.co.kr/.

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