MellotuneYear Created: 1981

Mellotune is a little Persian cat who is very sentimental, although she’s a bit lonesome. She’s a dreamy romanticist, loving to listen to soft, sweet violin music. She loves flowers and stars as well.

Hello Kitty Online

Thank you for your overwhelming response! We’re sad to say this, but we have now stopped accepting applications for players of the closed beta version of the Hello Kitty Online game.  

We’ve received almost 50,000 applications for this. We’ll be sending all of you instructions on how you can get the chance to receive your account for the closed beta of HKO.

Again, thanks to all of you!

The HKO Closed Beta Application will be discontinued on 22 February at exactly 00:00 Hong Kong Time (or 21 February 24:00 midnight).

We are so happy to report that we have had a massive amount of subscriptions! As the subscription period draws to a close, we’re making one final call for those who still want to get their paws on this highly anticipated game.

If you’ve applied for Closed Beta, we will send you details on how to get a chance to receive an account.

This is your last chance to apply if you haven’t already, so visit the Hello Kitty Online game site now!

Sanrio has created a fantasy world throughout the years, coming up with a lot of characters that make one’s imagination soar. There’s something about magical creatures that make people fascinated, maybe because there’s always the possibility that these actually exist.

One of the most well-known fantasy creatures is the unicorn, and this week’s featured video is all about that.

Unicorns: Real or Fantasy?” features a lot of pictures bearing the elegant creature, the unicorn. It has a variety of images showing it in its full majestic glory. Whatever the answer may be to kelseyc’s (the video creator) question, we do know one thing: her video’s great enough in its own right.:)

Hello Kitty Puroland

This version of Hello Kitty is actually set as part of the Puroland cast, Japan’s exclusively Sanrio amusement park. She serves as the ringmaster of the park, carrying around a gold tag around her neck with the Puroland name engraved on it.

Hello Kitty Puroland

The plushie is 23.5 cm × 16 cm., and it costs 2,310 yen.

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