hello kitty usb

Hello Kitty fans, we are proud to announce to you, the World’s Smallest Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick created by Sanrio Digital! This little cutie is about the size of a paper clip, and comes in 1GB size!

The question on everyone’s minds would probably be “how much does it cost?”; “will there be other colors?”; “where can we get one???”. Well, we won’t tell you all that yet! But have a look at the USB closely… it says “www.sanriotown.com”! Now why do you suppose that is? ^_~ Hee-hee~~

Stay tuned for more information and further announcements!

6 Responses to “The World’s Smallest Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick”

  1. I want to know how much this is going to cost!

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  3. i want to know where can i buy this stuff

  4. […] all over the official blogs, but I believe this is a perfect thing to post here~ […]

  5. i used to have something this small. then i lost it somewhere. now i’m tempted to get this thing.

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