Mimic MikeYear Created: 1987

Mimic Mike’s  convinced that he’s not a dog! London-born but residing in Los Angeles, this English bull terrier is up-to-date in style, always sporting the latest trends. He is naturally curious and always brimming with energy. 

We already have a bunch of entries for our Valentine’s month contest, so we’re calling out to those who have yet to submit their videos. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a 1GB Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick, a gadget EXCLUSIVE to SanrioTown!We will be picking our top choices from the entries submitted by tomorrow, and you will have until March 7, 2008 to vote for your favorite! Our winners will be announced by the second week of March 2008, and we will contact those top 3 regarding how they will be receiving their prizes.

Deadline for entries is tomorrow, February 29, so keep those videos coming! )

For more information, please do visit http://blog.sanriotown.com/directors_club:hellokitty.com.

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Most people love to see and explore beautiful places, right? This week’s featured video lets its viewers check out nice sights - without leaving their homes! Instead, animal-lover delivers the scenery right on the virtual doorstep of those who would watch her video.

Entitled “Lovely Places“, the video showcases beautiful pictures of really nice attractions and sights, including the US, Japan, Argentina, Singapore, as well as forests, beaches, and mountains. The photos are really nice and provide a virtual tour to these places.

To check out the video, please visit http://video.sanriotown.com/video/38dc6515606a5d44.

Fashion, toys, accessories, culture, Sanrio (!), and of course anime… These are just some of the things that make Japan a country of interest these days, not only as a tourist attraction, but also because they have so much to offer to the world.

This week’s featured blog is all about Japan, because it is written by a woman who moved to Japan with her husband, and chronicles their tales in their online journal. “Kawaii_Ninja” is a tale of two Gai-jin (foreigners) and their experiences, as well as the sights of the Land of the Rising Sun. What makes it interesting is that the blogger has uploaded pictures of the sights they’ve seen on the blog, which gives us readers the chance to tour the places with her and her husband. It’s actually pretty interesting, because it gives us the feel that we are taking in the sights and the experiences with them by seeing the beautiful country through their eyes. Fans of the Japanese culture will surely love this blog, not only because it’s a virtual tour of the country, but also because the narration is rich with descriptions, making one feel as though they’re really there instead of merely reading blog entries.


Be sure to check their blog out at http://blog.sanriotown.com/kawaii_ninja:hellokitty.com/.

As you know, we’ve received almost 50,000 sign-ups for the Hello Kitty Online game, people who have sent us their e-mail addresses to try and be part of the first people it. By last week, we’ve already stopped accepting beta applications for the much-anticipated Hello Kitty Online MMORPG. While we’ve closed the applications already, for the applicants, it’s far from over!By now, you should have already received e-mails from us giving you instructions on what you’re supposed to do to try and be part of the beta group. A lot of you have already responded to this, as we’ve already received hundreds of videos on SanrioTown’s Dream Studio from you! Creativity reigns as members show us their reasons why they should be chosen as players for the Hello Kitty Online game in their unique videos.

Here are just a few of them:

Thanks for the overwhelming response, everyone! For those who haven’t sent their video entries yet, please do so. Thanks again!

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