Strange news to Hello Kitty fans: Sanrio Japan recently released a toy collection featuring their key icon not only with a mouth, but without a nose as well.Hello Kitty Mouth 

There are three “mouthed” Hello Kitty designs you can choose from, each of which has three items following that: a hair tie, a mini-towel, and a wire mascot. You can twist and turn the toy in whatever position you want her to be, because the limbs are pretty flexible. You can even make her balance on one foot, because its hands and feet have magnets that you can attach to a metallic surface to keep her on her toes.

Hello Kitty Mouth

Click on the photos to view the toys from the Sanrio Japan site. Thanks to kt_sanctuary for featuring this!

3 Responses to “Hello Kitty Has a Mouth!”

  1. After all these years, Kitty-chan finally gets a mouth (officially)! :p

  2. […]  Hello Kitty是愈來愈堪玩味了!看圖中她那後天長出的嘴巴,是日本推出的嶄新設計,給Kitty換上一個俏皮形象之餘,勢必成為redesign的浪潮中的代表作。(看英文介紹) […]

  3. I prefer when she hasn´t a month and nose :(

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