Koala Design Series

Year Created: 1991

This is one active koala! Not only does she do aerobics, she dances and roller-skates too!

It’s only five days until Christmas! Are you getting excited? We are!

During Christmas, we may ask for certain things that we would want to receive as our gifts. These usually come in the form of items: toys, gadgets, books, etc. Hajnee, however, has a different request and she expressed it in a very unique fashion: though a Dream Studio video!

All I Want for Christmas” was made by the video creator as though she was writing to Santa Claus. While she says she doesn’t want that much, at least nothing that could be gift-wrapped, she has one request, and she hopes that this will be granted come Christmas day.

You can find out what her wish is by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/76d9be35542c283b. It’s a very cute slideshow that most of us can probably relate to, whether we admit to it or not.:D

We’ve got another New Yorker as our featured blogger! Blog-Elie is not just a blog about the Big Apple, although we do get to read tales about it (ever heard about Oleg, the human computer/cab driver?). She also has stories to tell about her baking adventures, shopping finds, and of course, Hello Kitty sights and goodies!The owner is a web designer whose “interests include archeology and dental floss”. While she admits that her blog does not have a general theme and that her posts would be all over the place, we think this is what makes it interesting. After all, it’s fun when you can’t always predict what you’ll see next, right?


You can check the blog out at http://blog.sanriotown.com/omelette:hellokitty.com/.

Hi everyone.You may be experiencing problems with SanrioTown. This is because of technical changes being made in the site. Everything will be back, up and running in no time, so please be patient with us and we’re really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you to all those who participated in the “Hello Apples” Photo Competition. It was very difficult to choose from all the fun and cool pictures that you sent, but there can only be a few who could win prizes.For Youthfulness, the winner is “My Happy Babe”, made by chesneyng@hellokitty.com. She wins a pair of Hello Kitty bowling balls and a $400 Photofinishing coupon from Photomax.

My Happy Babe

For Wisdom and Creativity, the winner is “Smart, Smart Daniel”, made by choisungyan@mymelody.com. She wins a Hello Kitty Bicycle and a $400 Photofinishing coupon from Photomax.

Smart, Smart Daniel

Finally, for Compassion and Caring, gloriaargonaut@mymelody.com wins with her “Every Night’s Dream” entry. She wins a Hello Kitty watch and  a $400 Photofinishing coupon from Photomax.

Every Night's Dream

For a complete list of the prize winners, including the runners-up, please visit the official announcement of the list of winners of Hello Apples by clicking here. They each get a coupon for 20 prints from Digital Media, as well as a Fotomax print from Digital Media 30% discount coupon.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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