Little Cottonwood Cottage 

Year Created: 1990

Meet these seven jolly dwarves, residents of the Little Cottonwood Cottage. Yellow has a case of the sweet tooth, Purple loves music, Red is a friend of wildflowers, Blue can talk to animals, Orange is the wise one, Green loves pulling pranks, and Gray is a master craftsman of musical instruments. Join them in their adventures not only in their quaint and comfy home, but also in the Cottonwood Forest, where their cottage can be found at its heart.

We’re right smack in between Christmas and New Year, so what better way to celebrate this season by featuring a video highlighting the holidays- but with a Sanrio twist?

Merry Christmas Hello Kitty“, made by filipinogirl, is a collection of holiday pictures featuring Hello Kitty, and occasionally joined by her twin sister Mimmy, Dear Daniel, and her other friends. There is even a mini-story in the video, what with the captions added by the maker of the video. Also, if you pay attention to the slides, you’ll be able to catch a few surprises that would make you smile.:D

You can watch the video by going to

Ever since anime was introduced, it has steadily grown momentum and is now one of the biggest influences of pop culture. It appeals to people of all ages (much like Hello Kitty!) Here in SanrioTown, we’ve got a lot of anime fans on board, and ourfeatured blogger is a part of that mini-community!

onigiri-chusugar_berii is an anime-and-manga fan, and it shows in her posts! Her posts show this interest. Her entries are actually more on the cutesy type, something that young people would surely love.

You can check out her blog at

Hello Kitty Christmas 

All of us here on SanrioTown wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! May all of you and your loved ones have a very special holiday.

In this 3D animation, Keroppi thought that Santa Claus has forgotten to send him Christmas presents. Poor Keroppi sheds a big drop of tear but he still looks very cute. Finally, Santa Claus appears with a lot of Christmas presents. Even Hello Kitty and friends from Sanrio show up and celebrate Christmas with Keroppi.

Sanriotown wishes you a holy silent night with these cute Sanrio cartoon characters!

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