Hello Apples Photo CompetitionPopular Sanrio cartoon character Hello Kitty is as heavy as three apples.By coincidence, Sanriotown.com and Apple@Next Media Interactive Limited jointly organize the “Hello Apples” photo competition, which aims to convey three positive messages symbolized by the three apples: youthfulness, wisdom/creativity, compassion/caring, messages that Hello Kitty also delivers.To join the competition:

1. Sign up for your own free Sanriotown account and then log in.
2. Create your photo in Sanriotown gallery.- Click “Join Competition”, found at your SanrioTown homepage after logging in, to enter the “Gallery” section;

- Upload your photo;
- Create text in different font styles; decorate your photo with drag-and-drop icons, borders, etc.

3. Save the image.
4. Submit to the category you wish to join.

Judging Criteria:

- Creativity: Theme interpretation and creativity in using the Sanriotown Gallery features.
- Mileage: Comment activity and ratings from other members generated during the competition period.
- Overall appeal: Message delivery value and overall impact of the video to the viewers.

Hello Apples Photo Competition

Categories of entries:

Apple 1: Youthfulness

Works submitted should present the idea of “youthfulness”. “Youthfulness” shouldn’t be related to age - the idea depends on how you view yourself and the world. Let’s celebrate “youthfulness”!

Apple 2: Wisdom/Creativity

Works submitted should present the idea of “wisdom/creativity”. It’s all about thinking out of the box.

Apple 3: Compassion/Caring

Works submitted should present the idea of “compassion/caring”. Shift focus to different aspects of your life, and make good use of the lens to show how you care about people and things around you. Don’t forget your lovely pets!


The winner of the “Youthfulness” award will receive a pair of Hello Kitty bowling balls and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon from Photomax.
The winner of the “Wisdom & Creativity” award will receive a Hello Kitty bicycle and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon from Photomax.
The winner of the “Compassion & Caring” award will receive a Hello Kitty watch and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon from Photomax.

Five consolation prizes will be offered in each category. Each consolation prize has :

1) A coupon of 20 pcs Print from Digital Media

2) A Fotomax Print from Digital Media 30% discount coupon

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Competition is until Nov 16, 2007.
  2. Participants must have an existing e-mail account in Sanriotown to join this competition.
  3. Each participant may submit photos to different categories and each photo can be submitted to more than one category.
  4. All works must be submitted via the Gallery Section in sanriotown.com.
  5. Winners will be announced on Sanriotown.com on Nov 30, 2007.
  6. Winners will be notified by email three days after the results are announced and the prize will be sent via courier.
  7. Judges have the right to require contestants to submit original photos to verify their qualification.
  8. Photos should be original and have not been published or entered in any other photo contests.
  9. No offensive materials, violent or explicit/sexual content should be used.
  10. Sanriotown reserves any rights to use the photo, in whole or in part.
  11. Sanriotown reserves the right to change the conditions of this contest at its own discretion.
  12. This competition only accepts participants from Hong Kong.

The photo gallery is now up, so be sure to submit your entries now!

Know more about this by visiting the official “Hello Apples” contest page at http://www.sanriotown.com/emailad/2007_photoboot/sanriotown_photo_competition_us.htm.

or visit its official blog at http://blog.sanriotown.com/applekitty_eng:hellokitty.com.

Enquiries: Should you have any questions on the campaign, please email marketing@hellokitty.com.

Media sponsor: Next Media Interactive Limited

Gifts sponsor: Fotomax (F.E.) Ltd.

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Hi everyone! These are our scheduled entries for this week here on the SanrioTown BlogTuesday: Are you ready for a Kitty surprise? Stay tuned for what it would be!

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Just for FunYear Created: 1985

True to their name, these bears are all about fun! Where there is joy and excitement, you’ll sure to find them there.

Throughout the years, Sanrio’s released adorable characters that people have come to know, love, and maybe, be inspired with. Such might be the case of this week’s featured video, because it shows adorable fuzzies created by the video maker herself. SchoolTime Introduction, this week’s Dream Studio Video of the Week, is made by veedeck, an 11-year old aspiring artist. She features her self-created characters in her video, a bunch of adorable animals complete with their colors and names. She presents each of her fuzzies in a very creative way, maximizing the effects of Dream Studio by making these appear as though they really were meeting on the slides. Accompanying the pictures is fun music that’s just perfect for the content and theme of the video.To check the video out, go to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/7e7da88431e3c219.

There are a lot of animal lovers here on SanrioTown, some of which have already been featured as part of the Blog All-Stars here in the SanrioTown Main Blog, and this week’s “star” is no exception!

Meet shiningstarsarah, owner of the blog “Sarah, Proud and Tall”. While she doesn’t say it face up, we get the feeling that she really has a soft spot for animals, if her blog entries are an indication.

Sarah, Proud and Tall

Her entries are usually about her favorite animals: her dog Dixie and horses. Her love for the latter shows on her posts, because she not only talks about these in general, but she also gives information on what kinds of saddles are good and stories about her favorite horse.

Get to know Sarah and read her animal stories by going to http://blog.sanriotown.com/shiningstarsarah:hellokitty.com/.

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