Boo! A lot of people at Sanrio Town have Halloween fever, and it spilled over on some of the blogs! From greetings to graphics to jokes, they’re getting into it, and this week’s featured online journal is no exception.Hello Peanut *^^*, owned and maintained by od3sa, greets everyone a Happy Halloween with a homemade (?) “kitty o’ lantern” to “guide those that are lost.” We don’t really know if that’s going to be the case, but the carved pumpkin sure is cute!

Hello Peanut

She’s got a variety of fun entries aside from her Halloween post. According to her, she’s got “Project: Hello Kitty” going on, and she’s now pretty busy “kittifying” not only her blog, but her life too, even defending the little white cat from her friends.

Hello Peanut

Check her blog out by going to

7 Responses to “Blog of the Week!”

  1. :D

  2. nice

  3. […] reason? This kitty post. I think I have been featured. As in featured-featured. *kitty dance* Oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. oh […]

  4. you can get a blog set up for me cant you

  5. i am new to sanrio . com

  6. oh wow. this is over whelming. thank you so much ^^

  7. I think that little rice plate thingy is modeled after Mimmy, Kitty’s twin sister. The pumpkin carving is intresting.

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