Technology is used so that people will have easier and better lives - usually. While some gadgets are undoubtedly helpful in helping us with our tasks, such as computers and vacuum cleaners, and/or bring us simple joys, like MP3 players and TV sets, some just make you pause, maybe scratch your head, and think about why they were actually invented. This week’s featured blog directs the spotlight to some of the quirky items that have been made throughout the years that range from funny, to weird, to just plain out of the world.Short Circuit

Short Circuit, as you probably already inferred, is not your typical gadgets blog. Sure, it features stuff that beep, light up, and burn up energy, but these aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill devices. Instead, these are items that the average person probably would not think of - until they actually encounter these. Want to understand what your cat’s trying to tell you? Get her a Meowlingual and you’ll be able to communicate on a different level - certainly with less scratching and hissing involved. Do you plan on going to outer space? Don’t forget to bring some QUID - intergalactic currency (we did say it’s out of this world). Do you want your alarm clock to actually make you awake and not just groggy? Get the flying kind and get an adrenaline rush chasing it to start your morning. All of these and more devices are featured on this blog, all presented in a fun and upbeat way, with pros and cons being given by the writer to show why you need (or not) these stuff. If this blog doesn’t make you rush to the closest electronic shop to pick up the latest quirky gadget, it will at least give you a few chuckles - and renewed faith in the human imagination.

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