Year Created: 2002

Birthday: February 7 Hoshinowaguma is a little boy blue bear known for the trademark star on his forehead. He lives on a very, very small star, and his hobby is to travel to other galaxies and constellations just to visit.

His nickname is Hoshikuma, which means “star bear.”

Here at SanrioTown, just about everyone loves cute stuff, and what could be cuter than adorable pets? Proud masters love showing off their fluffy friends, and the best way to do it is to create an interactive presentation, complete with pictures and music.

Dogs Galore” is a great example of this. The maker, la7890, shows off her two dogs in a variety of cute pictures. They’re shown in a lot of different poses, a treat for animal lovers all over the world.

Check out the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/5d156aeefbe34247.

Photographs are such amazing mementos of some of the best moments in our lives. Whenever we might feel nostalgic, we can always bring these out and reminisce about the times when we’ve taken these pictures.In these modern times, it just takes a few clicks to access these images, and with an Internet connection, one can even share these memories with people, even strangers.Today’s featured blog is called “The Seasonal Photo Journal. The photoblog features images in virtually all entries, all of which have been taken by lenechan, who owns and maintains the blog. A lot of her pictures show really beautiful flowers of all sizes and colors. Some however, show scenes from trips she’s taken, and these make you feel as if you’ve visited the places yourself.

Seasonal Photo Journal

The photographs are amazing, and it gets you the chance to see not only the places, but also gives you a peek on who the author is. See more of the photos at http://blog.sanriotown.com/lenechan:hellokitty.com.

It’s back to school once again! Time to learn new things and meet new friends. It’s also a time to bring out those new clothes and new stuff. It’s a brand new month and vacation is over so start your day right with these wonderful calendar downloads from Sanriotown.

Pom Pom Purin and Shinkansen are here to help you organize your monthly schedule. No more reason to miss out on important deadlines, meetings and exam schedules.

So check out the Sanriotown Downloads section and be the most colorful and organized person in your group!

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Thursday: Budding directors, check and see if your video takes the limelight.

Friday: Hoshino-what? Find out who this Sanrio character is!

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