People go in and out of SanrioTown every day, all of whom are definitely huge fans of Sanrio, no matter which character they like the most. However, there will always be the trademark that the company has, the icon that they’re most known (and loved) for: Hello Kitty!This week’s featured blog is definitely a Hello Kitty fan. Chryssy’s Kitty Maniais most definitely an online journal of a Kitty lover. From making petitions and community groups for Hello Kitty, to posting her favorite items with the white kitten’s face emblazoned on it, to online dolls, to software, she really goes all out for her favorite character!

Aside from entries featuring Kitty, she also has a bunch of other cute entries, such as those about scrapbooking, pets (both virtual and actual ones!), and online games.

Chryssy's Kitty Mania

An interesting thing about chryssy is that she’s middle-aged and still a great fan of Hello Kitty, proving that love for this little white cat goes beyond age and is an epitome for perpetual youth and fun.

Know more about her blog by going to

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